New Dug

3-15-12 Shinjuku

The 'New Dug' in Shinjuku is a cafe/bar with a complex back story. It was the annex bar to the original Dug, a legendary jazz bar/club in the heart of Shinjuku. The 'New Dug' opened a few doors down the street but without live music. Two years ago the original Dug closed its doors as the building it was in was torn down. The 'New Dug' doesn`t have live music anymore..except for the `one-time only` live session that happened last month and may happen again in the spring..yeah, I was confused about this too. The waitress seemed to be mixing her stories and the owner wasn`t around to clear things up. I`ll get the right details as soon as I can.

I dropped in recently and it's still as unclear as before.."No, we stopped doing live gigs, except for these three special events coming up.." So basically, they have random live gigs, keep a look out! Unfortunately there website seems discontinued now..more on that later..

What do you need to know about the 'New Dug'? It`s small, dark, and underground. They`ve got a great whiskey selection to go with the usual beers and cocktails. They seem to have a thing for Blue Note hard-bop albums (then again, almost every cafe will have a great selection of Blue Note hard-bop albums..) It`s a nice escape from the bustle of Shinjuku, perfect for some quiet time with jazz and a drink. It gets two extra points for the great postcards of jazz musicians on sale for only ¥100. I strongly recommend it if you are stuck meeting people in Kabukicho or by the station and want a respite from the crowds.


Station: Shinjuku
Exit: My City Exit
Distance from station: 3 minutes

Date published