264 Jazz Spots Visited & Counting..

While traveling recently in Nagasaki in southern Japan, i visited my 250th jazz spot, the lovely Milestone. Kept adding to that total and on this month’s visit to Sapporo way up north I made it #264 in total. And yet there are still so many more to get to.. There are various estimates as to exactly HOW many jazz spots there are in Japan, and people have different parameters for what is and is not a ‘jazz’ establishment. (My own personal one is, there has to be extensive records or CDs in the joint, and not just BGM using U-Sen or iTunes like some ‘shot’ bars do).

Regardless, next year’s goal is to hit about 50 more country wide, including two regions I have never been to for any reason, Wakayama/Mie prefectures in Kansai, and Yamaguchi/Shimane down in southern Honshu. Follow my progress with that mainly on Twitter & Instagram, as the directory here if for Tokyo Metro Area joints only!

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Mr. OK Jazz is a 20+ year resident of Japan and spends all his free time wandering the Kanto area looking for jazz cafes, bars, clubs and record stores. For two years he hosted the OK Jazz radio show on InterFM Radio, currently the OK Jazz podcast. You can reach him at *protected email*