Africa Festival in Yokohama

Bad weather forced all the festivities indoors at Aka Renga Bldg 1 but the 8th annual African Festival in Yokohama was packed and lively. There were booths from all round the continent from Morocco down to Mozambique.

I of course used my music geek radar to find the stalls selling music; a Nigerian shop keeper had these tempting treats on sale. The Commander!

The live area was packed with people, but there was only one food stall for some reason..maybe the rain made vendors stay home. Either way a Star Beer from Ghana and some live tunes kept things mellow and groovy.

Bonus points for the conversation I heard on the stairs between two guys from Ghana and Benin. ‘Do I know you sir?’ ‘Perhaps not, I am from Benin.’ ‘Ah, I am from Ghana, I must be mistaken.’ ‘But my pleasure to meet you my brother!’ ‘Yes, enjoy the festival my brother!’