Good Music Everywhere..

Even after years of wandering around the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, searching here, there and everywhere for cool music joints, I still get pleasantly surprised now and then by a random discovery. In this case, one right round the corner from my house in Yokohama.

I’d never actually seen this shop in the morning when closed but a street detour for construction recently led me there. The gate hooked me in right away; this was likely not just another typical yakitori (grilled chicken skewers & beer) shop.

Going back for a beer and snack a few nights later I was happy to find they played great tunes; in succession I heard Sly & The Family Stone, Ramsey Lewis, Jim Croce (not sure how he snuck in there..), The Rolling Stones, The Temptations and then one of those superb Blue Note label jazz/funk compilations. They were too busy for me to chat about the BGM selection so I’ll have to drop by again on the way home some night to find out. Maybe after visiting the local chiropractor where they play Roots Reggae on the iTunes radio..always superb music, no matter where you go in Japan.