August Events Listings

The Tokyo Metropolitan Area is the world’s largest urban area with over 33 million people. There are literally 100+ good music events every night of the week. Here are some highlights for August with more to be added in coming days, but be sure to check TochohTokyo Gig Guide, Time Out Tokyo and Tokyo Dross for comprehensive listings.

Mon 8/1 & Tue 8/2 Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano at Blue Note, Aoyama

Mon 8/1 Shibusa Shirazu at Pit Inn, Shinjuku

Mon 8/1 2016 Owada Summer Festival Yukihiro Isso 25th Anniversary Concert at Shibuya Cultural Center

Tue 8/2 2016 Owada Summer Festival Akira Sakata “Tales Of Heike Family” at Shibuya Cultural Center

Tue 8/2 Sugadairo, Shinpei Ruike, Darren Moore at Airegin, Yokohama

Wed 8/3 – Fri 8/5 Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio at Cotton Club, Marunouchi

Fri 8/5 George Nagata Trio at Alfie, Roppongi

Sat 8/6 “ERS BRAZIL 2016″ at The Room, Shibuya

Sun 8/7 Inka (Michiyo Yagi, Tatsuya Yoshida, Yuji Katsui) at Pit Inn, Shinjuku

Tue 8/9 Shun Ishiwaka Trio at Body & Soul, Aoyama

Wed 8/10 Special Vibraphone Trio – Shirafune at Airegin, Yokohama

Wed 8/10 Naruyoshi Kikuchi presents ‘Modern Jazz Discotheque Shinjuku’ at Pit Inn, Shinjuku

Sat 8/13 & Sun 8/14 Sumida Street Jazz Festival 

Thur 8/18 Dojo + Mitsuru Nasuno at Koen-Dori Classics, Shibuya

Thur 8/18 Mandala x Chitei Records Presents Summer Deep Jazz 3 Days at Mandala, Kichijoji

Fri 8/19 Hiroshi Minami Trio at Candy, Inage

Sat 8/20 George Otsuka Trio at Pit Inn, Shinjuku

Sun 8/21 Jaga Jazzist at Blue Note, Aoyama