Welcome to Tokyo Jazz Site Version 3.0!

    Sorry for the long delay but here it is, the new TJS. Please take some time to browse through the blog and jazz spots directory, my album picks, have a listen to the OK Jazz podcast, view some photos at the bottom of the main page, read some articles and leave plenty of kind praise in the comments. I’ve carried over some of the content from the old website, a few blog posts and the important articles, plus of course all the jazz spot profiles.

    Some of the jazz joints I have listed may have closed since I last went there; if you have new information on any place then please get in touch me with right away and I’ll be sure to update the profile. Expect a new profile to arrive each week alongside updates to the current spots. (Even if a place has now closed I’ve left it in the directory just as a record.) I’m up to 100 jazz spots visited now with many more to come, 楽しみに!And now let’s celebrate with some Grant Green, a tune I first heard at the jazz cafe Genius, many years ago.  Stay jazzy! James