Kamata bar hoppin’.

I had an unexpected free evening last night so decided to stop off in Kamata on the way home. It’s not an area I know very well as I’ve only ever been here a few times. A jazz bar fan down in Yokohama told me to check out Bar Time and Bar Journey on the east side of JR Kamata station, a bit of a nicer area than the gritty west side.

Bar Time is sleek but warm with occasional live music on the 2F. Not a typical ‘jazz bar’ as they just play a mix from their iTunes collection, including some other styles of music as well. They also do an interesting Sunday afternoon event, ‘a tradional jazz kissa’ at a local snack bar by the station, will need to check that out. Not sure why it’s in a snack bar, could be interesting.

Bar Journey is fantastic, master Morita-san is chatty and friendly and plays all the best kind of tunes; Jazz/Rock/Soul/Blues/Reggae. Proper profiles coming soon for both these joints!