Afternoon Jazz Jackpot in Yokohama

This afternoon I found myself with almost three hours to kill between meetings in Sakuragicho, Yokohama. Wasn’t in the mood to fight the crowds near the Nippon Maru docked nearby so decided to take a stroll through Noge, a small neighborhood between Sakuragicho and Kannai…and I hit the jackpot! Five Stars Records is both a record label and and small bar, run by the talkative and very friendly Mitsukoshi-san (50ish lady born and bred in Yokohama) I just happened to see the sign for her place from afar using my jazz spot radar.

I spent a good 90mins or so there as she told me about her small label, all the bars and live houses in Yokohama to visit (and which ones to avoid!), the Yokohama Jazz Association, the new Jazz Perspective magazine, and about the state of the current live scene. As I prepared to leave she tried to refuse money for the bill, then handed me 5 CDs on my way out as a present. I promised to visit again soon and also spread the word about her place. What an amazing lady, thanks to her I’m all ready to start a serious look at Yokohama jazz soon as I finish Ikebukuro..

Link coming soon for Five Stars, thanks again Mitsukoshi-san!