Shinpei Ruike – Mini Interview

1. Where are you from and how did you first get into jazz/music?

The first time I ever laid my eyes on a trumpet was in a brass band in my elementary school. I was introduced to marching, classical, pop music and jazz there.

I started to seriously listening to jazz in high school. I listened to my father’s large record collection. I found Miles Davis especially cool.

2. Why did you choose the trumpet and who were your first influences?

I joined a brass band because of my brother. My brother played the trumpet in the band, so I joined the band following him.

I actually wanted to play the drums, but everyone had to play the trumpet, so I picked it up as soon as I joined the band.

That was the start and here I am!

Back then, I was listening to t musicians like Maurice André and Nini Rosso. In high school when I started to get into jazz, Miles Davis became my idol.

3. How did you first join the jazz scene in Japan and what were your impressions of it?

The very first place I joined a jam session was the oldMiles Cafe in Ikebukuro. I had no prior knowledge of what kind of jam session they held there. I just picked the place for its name.

I met some people there, and formed a band and started playing in jazz clubs in Ikebukuro.

I often went to a club in Shibuya, “the Room,” where they held funk and groove jam sessions. It was the perfect place where jazz and club music came into contact with one another. Everyone was so talented and I was very much inspired.

4.What are your current and upcoming projects?

Our “KYOTO JAZZ SEXTET” led by Shuya Okino from Kyoto Jazz Massive released a CD and LP this year. I’m going to play with this band at the Tokyo Jazz Festival in September.

Naruyoshi Kikuchi’s band “dCprG” released a new album as well which I play on and we’re going on a new album release tour in July.

And my own “RUIKE SHINPEI 5 piece band” is going to record this year too.

5. Three favorite albums

・After Hours: Duško Gojković

・Live at Fillmore East (1970) : Miles Davis

・Translucent Tree Original Sound track: Terumasa Hino