Saturday Movie: ‘World On A Wire’ – R.W. Fassbender

Non-music blog post! Recently I’ve been getting back into watching films after a long break. There’s so much available online and with a new large screen TV (free, Thanks Chopper!) it’s much nicer than watching on a laptop.

Last evening I finished Rainer Werner Fassbender’s made-for-German TV sci-fi film World On A Wire from 1973. This was out of circulation for years and I remember when I was in college, watching every Fassbender film I could find, I had not even heard of it. As usual, Fassbender is miles ahead of the game as this is incredible for 1973, a complicated and creepy look at the use virtual reality, decades before this became a well known concept.

Visually it’s fantastic, and although the pace drags a bit with some extended ‘chase scenes’ in the second half (likely needed to pad out the two episodes for TV), I was engrossed by the whole film. Fassbender only made this one sci-fi film but he clearly had a feel for the genre. One of the greatest film makers of all time.

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