Tomohide “IZM.” Izumi – Mini Interview

1. Where are you from and how did you first get into music?

I was born in Tokyo. My father is a professor of classical music, but I was became aware of jazz music from acid jazz and jazzy hip hop when I was a high school student.

2. How did you start dancing and then open a dance school?

When I was sixteen I saw a dance show on TV and started dancing. I encountered a dancer on TV, dropped out of high school and walked the way of a dancer. At the time we  worked as a choreographing assistant and back dancer for concerts.
From the age of 18, I started renting a dance class studio and started teaching.
I opened my own dance studio in 2007 at Higashikitazawa station.(The station next to Shimokitazawa ), the Brighton Beach Studio. In 2015 I moved to Shimokitazawa, with Jazzy Sport’s record shop and re-opened.

3. What is Jazzy Sport?

Jazzy Sport is a group that loves music and sports. It’ s a music label and production company started in 2002. I have belonged to this label since first becoming a dancer and artist. We opened JAZZY SPORT MUSIC SHOP in Shibuya Udagawa Town in 2003, when I joined and became part of the company.

4. What are your current activities/projects?
Currently, while also the shop manager of Jazzy Sport Shimokitazawa,
I appear as a dancer in various places like Blue Note Tokyo, and overseas workshops.
I began DJing in in 2000, focusing on the music of UK JAZZ culture, mixing the essence of Broken beats and House music.
Also in Japan I went on tour  with DEGO (2000black / 4hero), Henry Wu etc and performed as a DJ.

In the future I want to do a jazz dance project with the band “JAZZ CONFUSION”
We hope to appear at some overseas jazz festivals.

5. 3 favorite albums.

◎Art Blakey And The Jazzmessengers – Album Of The Year
◎Yussef Kamaal ‎- Black Focus
◎Kiefer – Kickin it Alone