Jun Miyakawa – Mini Interview

  1. Where are you from and how did you first get into jazz/music?

I’m from Aichi Prefecture in central Japan. Music has been around me since I was young because of my father who liked music.

  1. Why did you choose the piano and who were your first influences?

My father plays the keyboard in a band as a hobby even now. When I was a baby, he was playing music with me on his lap. Eventually, I found myself playing music. I was strongly influenced by Herbie Hancock, ans still am even to this day.

  1. Why do you think jazz is so popular in Japan compared to other countries?

So many jazz legends have visited Japan over the years, and so many Japanese professional musicians have learned from them. There are many jazz club that holds live nights all over Japan. In recent years, many music colleges have set up Jazz departments, so the ability to study music in school and not just clubs has been introduced.

     4. What are your current and upcoming projects?

The key of my new album, the guitar quartet will continue performing, and I hope we’ll get into making more new music together. Also I want to do something like featuring vocals or making experimental tracks. I even want to release a mini album that focuses on the things I don’t normally do in my gigs.

5. Three favorite albums:

・Herbie Hancock/The Herbie Hancock Trio 1977

・Steely Dan/Aja

・Leon Ware/Musical Massage

Jun Miyakawa is performing throughout Japan during March and April. See dates and locations on his website.

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