OK Jazz Podcast #78

T-Riot – “A Different Truth”, album A Different Truth (Italy)

Jr. Walker & The All Stars – ‘Cleo’s Mood’ (USA)

Hank Ballard – ‘With Your Sweet Lovin Self’, album You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down (USA)

Outkast – ‘Slum Beautiful’, album Stankonia (USA)

Dao Bandon – ‘Mae Jom Ka Lon’, album Sound Of Siam: Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz & Molam in Thailand 1964-75 (Thailand)

Izaline Calister – ‘Telenovela’, album Krioyo (Curacao)

Orquestra Super Mama Djombo – ‘Suur Di No Pubis’, (Guinea Bissau)

Makaya McCraven – ‘Three Fifths A Man’, album In The Moment (USA)

Emanative- ‘Heaven’s Mirror’, album Earth (UK)

Element Of The Moment – ‘A Moon And Darkness’, album Okinawan Nights (Japan)

Whit Dickey Quartet – ‘Steam’, album Coalescence (USA)