OK Jazz Episode #84 – Interview with Baye McNeil

Special episode of the podcast, where I sat down and had a long chat with educator, activist and fellow Brooklynite in Japan, Baye McNeil. We covered a lot of topics including growing up in New York, traveling for the first time, what racism is like away from home, activism/education and more. With musical interludes chosen by Baye!

00:00-05:20 (song) Sounds Of Blackness – ‘Optimisitic’

05:20-17:10 Talking about New York City & the USA

17:10-22:50 (song) Donald Byrd – ‘Cristo Redentor’

22:50-40:50 Family & background, traveling to Haiti and the impact of being overseas

40:50-45:00 (song) Prince – ‘Joy In Repetition’

45:00- Coming to Japan, being a foreigner here, working as an educator and activist, the Blackface in Japan issue

01:18-01:22 (song) Stevie Wonder – ‘Smile Please’

01:22-01:27 (song) Sheryl Crow – ‘Leaving Las Vegas’

website: www.bayemcneil.com

IG: black.eye.japan Twitter: locohama FB: https://www.facebook.com/BlackEyeJapan/