OK Jazz Episode #123

Nicholas Payton – ‘#BAMboula’, album Afro-Caribbean Mixtape (USA)

Tim Maia – Nobody Can Live Forever (Brazil)

Afrosound – ‘Pacifico’, Colombia! The Golden Age of Discos Fuentes, The Powerhouse Of Colombian Music 1960-76 (Colombia)

Sinnoi – ‘Sequence’, album The New Path (South Korea)

Jambinai – ‘Sun, Tears, Red’, album Onda (South Korea)

Madalitso – ‘Ndalakwanji’, (Malawi)

Anteloper – ‘Bubble Under’, album Tour Beats Vol.1 (USA)

Bihzhu – ‘Alive’, (Malaysia)

Robert Parker – ‘Get Ta Steppin’ (USA)

Afrocubism – ‘Nima Diyala’, album Afrocubism (Cuba/Mali)

L’Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz – ‘Oyangani Ngai Na Moto’, album L’Afrique Danse Avec L’Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz (Congo)

A Moving Sound – ‘Fire Dance’, album Songs Beyond Words (Taiwan)

PDH – ‘Pilates Assisted’, album Optimus Chill 5 (USA)

Jimmy McGriff – ‘Back On The Track’, album Electric Funk (USA)

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Mr. OK Jazz is a 20+ year resident of Japan and spends all his free time wandering the Kanto area looking for jazz cafes, bars, clubs and record stores. For two years he hosted the OK Jazz radio show on InterFM Radio, currently the OK Jazz podcast. You can reach him at *protected email*