Sumida Street Jazz Festival

The 6th annual Sumida Street Jazz Festival is this coming weekend in Kinshicho (east side of Tokyo). I’ve attended each of  the six and have been pleased to see it grow year by year. This weekend will have free live music at 33 separate locations around the neighborhood, including the two main stages in Kinshicho Park, kicking off at 10:30AM each day.

There’s a lot to choose from with many genres featured, not just jazz. I’m paritcularly looking forward to the Patrick Charles Makandel Group, Afri Begue from Senegal, and Kosuke Mine’s quartet. Have a look here for the complete schedule.

Some advice: it gets seriously hot there in Kinshicho Park in the crowds so I’d advise staggering the groups you want to see and alternating between indoor events and the outdoor stages.