Luis Valle & Afro-Qbamigos! Live at Motion Blue, Yokohama

Really great set last night by this group, I had not heard of Luis Valle before and didn’t read the flyer closely before heading to the club. It was pretty shocking to see most of the band were local and that Luis speaks Japanese pretty fluently..he’s been living here 20+ years! Not sure why I’ve never run into him before..

The band were Luis on trumpet & flugelhorn, tenor sax, vibes/marimba, piano, bass, drums and percussion. They played a mix of originals and Latin Jazz tunes including a gorgeous Cuban song called ‘Drume Negrita’. It was quite interesting to hear Luis talk about Cuban music generally doesn’t include the vibes or marimba..for some reason I would have thought they were usually a part of most Latin Jazz groups but perhaps that’s more the ‘Jazz’ side than the ‘Latin’.

Thanks to Ebihara-san at Meta Company for inviting me last night!