Some Collected Sayings of Misho-San, master at Jazz Pub Michaux

Jazz Pub Michaux Happy New Year 2013

Jazz Pub Michaux closed in late 2013. I still miss it every weekend. Here is some of what I learned from master-Misho-san, my Japanese grandfather, jazz 先輩 and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. All the below said in good cheer and with a wink in his eye.

“Music has to be loud and you have to dance to it. Anything else is just sketching flowers.”

“How could anyone not like Jazz? They must not like music.”

“Young men in Japan don’t know Jazz. They don’t even know how to pick up a woman.”

“I bought my first record player in 1956 when I was 23 years old. It wasn’t easy to get a record player in those days in Japan, but it was my prized possession. Took months to save up the money for it. To me, music was more important than eating.”

“My wife said I’m too old to still go out dancing. But I don’t listen to her and go anyways.” (78 years old at the time)

“You don’t know (tenor saxophonist) Willis Jackson? Why not, you said you like jazz, right??  Here, listen to these 8 albums.”

“The war years were horrible. These idiot politicians like to glorify our ‘sacrifice’ back then. They’re crazy, the war destroyed us and so much of Asia. My father died from TB because there was no medicine after the war, so I left school at 14 to work.”

“Listen to this Della Reese live album. This is all you need.”

“I don’t trust people who don’t drink (alcohol).”

“Most people in Japan are too uptight to really understand Jazz. I learned that when I hung out with Black American soldiers. They taught me what this music is about. I’d take them to the best bars to meet girls and they’d give me records and alcohol they got from the base”

“Did I tell you I interviewed Thelonious Monk? He was a nice guy.”

‘Why don’t you ever bring a date here? Don’t you like women? It’s boring having the same 10 guys sit here and drink every weekend.’

“‘Free Jazz’? Well, they’re free to play it and I’m free not to listen to it.”

“Keith Jarrett? So boring. I like Sonny Clark.”

“It’s all in the groove, James. Always. Without groove you have nothing.”