16-4 Kamiyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Kamiyamachō 16-4 Shibuya-ku Tōkyō-to 150-0047 JP

Despite its old-world cafe atmosphere, Swing only opened in 2014 and is one of the newer jazz spots in town. Owned by friendly trombone player Suzuki-san, it feels like a ‘classic’ place, with some vintage instruments and old 78rpm vinyl stacked on the shelves. Suzuki-san was quick to chat about music and the cafe itself, immediately making us feel at home.

Swing is fairly small, a square room that can hold about 20 people at the counter and the tables along the wall. There are occasional small live sets but mostly it’s a place for afternoon coffee, lunch or evening drinks. It’s an intimate but not at all intimidating place to relax in, so if you’re in Shibuya and need a jazz respite then I’d heartily recommend an afternoon at Swing. Word of mouth has it that they serve some of the best coffee in Tokyo.  See pics here at Tokyo Jazz Joints.


about 20

From Shibuya Station it’s a bit of a walk but fairly easy. Walk straight up to Bunkamura and continue straight past Tokyu Hakkaten Dept. Store another 5 mins or so. Swing is on the left side, you’ll see the green sign on the road.

Date published
SEPT 2016

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