Lady Jane

155-0032 東京都世田谷区代沢5-31-14
Daizawa 5 Chome 31-14 Setagaya-ku Tōkyō-to 155-0032 JP

Lady Jane has a very cinematic feel to it, the kind of joint that a lot of people outside Japan would envision upon hearing the words ‘Japanese jazz bar’.  It’s dark, but clean and sleek, and the staff are immaculate, the drinks poured perfectly. The music is present but not overwhlemingly loud like in a cafe. If you grab one of the tables by the windows you can have some privacy or you can sit at the bar and chat with the bartender while sipping some drinks.

With all that you could think that it’s simply another cool & maybe slightly stuffy jazz bar for some quiet drinks, but Lady Jane also has weekend live gigs featuring a huge variety of local and foreign acts, including some unexpected experimental musicians. The vibe of the place completely transforms then into an intimate club with dedicated fans.  It manages to keep a very fine balance between sophistication and true dedication to the music, something not many joints can do.

Lady Jane celebrates its 40th anniversary this year in 2015 and looks to continue to bring a grown-up jazz vibe to the funky, crowded Shimo-Kitazawa neighborhood in western Tokyo. Open until 3am most nights so it’s a perfect spot for that night-cap whisky.

Tokyo Jazz Joints photos of Lady Jane are here.



South exit at Shimo-Kitazawa station. Walk down the main street Minami-guchi Shouten-gai (南口商店街). Turn left when you see Family Mart, down the street then left again at the end. You’ll see the big ‘Lady Jane, Booze & Jazz’ sign on the left. Less than 10 mins walk.

Date published
Sept 2015

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