Hashi no Shita

3-7-15 Akasaka, Minato-Ku
Akasaka 3 Chome 7-15 Minato-ku Tōkyō-to JP

Hashi no Shita (橋 の下 means “Under The Bridge” in Japanese) is in Akasaka-Mitsuke on the main road outside the subway station, a long row filled with hostess bars and restaurants. Open as an afternoon “cafe” and evening “bar” they serve a lot of food and is particularly popular with the neighborhood business people for lunch.

They used to have small live sets of duos and trios with no table charge, but that doesn’t seem to happen much any more.  It’s open till 4am so it’s a good spot to remember if you miss your train and need some jazz to get you through the night. Be sure to check out the wall of vinyl album covers.


Station: Akasaka Mitsuke – Marunouchi/Ginza Subway Lines

Exit: Tamachi Dori exit

Distance from station: 3 minutes

Date published
02/16/2009 UPDATED June 2021

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