Blues Alley Japan

Hotel Wing International Meguro B1, 1-3-14, Meguro
Kamimeguro 2 Chome 19 Meguro-ku Tōkyō-to 153-8937 JP

Blues Alley Japan. is a sophisticated club with great food and an eclectic live schedule. It’s basically what the Blue Note is trying to be but isn’t; a fancy place to take some customers, but where the business crowd does not overwhelm the music.

The website has a useful guide on their live calendar letting you know exactly what genre is being featured that night, anything from straight-ahead jazz to World or even lite-soul. Lots of good pictures of the interior on their site too. Reservations are recommended, and bring your credit card..


Station: Meguro-JR Yamanote,, Nanboku, Toei Subway Lines

Exit: West

Distance from station: 3 minutes

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