OK Jazz Episode 50

OK Jazz Podcast

Ramsey Lewis Trio – ‘Wade In The Water’ (USA)

The Staple Singers – ‘We Got To Get Ourselves Together’ (USA)

Chip Wickham – ‘Sling Shot’, album La Sombra (UK)

Bonga – ‘Espalha’, album Recados de Fora (Angola)

Cheikh Lo – ‘N’Dawsile’, album Bambay Gueej (Senegal)

Sam Mangwana – ‘Tchimuranga Zimbabwe’ (Congo)

Dengue Fever – ‘One Thousand Tears Of A Tarantula’, album Venus On Earth (USA)

Grupo Arembepe – ‘Laia’ (Brazil)

Bihzhu – ‘Bright Veins’, ‘Tainted Temples’ (Malaysia)

Triple Standard – ‘What A Wonderful World’, album Second Encounter (Japan)

Foday Musa Suso, Tamba Suso, Jarju Kuyate – ‘Diaba’, album Mansa Bendung (Gambia)

Bobby Hutcherson – ‘Bouquet’, album Happenings (USA)

Charles Lloyd – ‘The Sufi’s Tears’, album Jumping The Creek (USA)

Maurice & Mac – ‘You Left The Water Running’ (USA)

Kenny Burrell – ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ (USA)

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Mr. OK Jazz is a 20+ year resident of Japan and spends all his free time wandering the Kanto area looking for jazz cafes, bars, clubs and record stores. For two years he hosted the OK Jazz radio show on InterFM Radio, currently the OK Jazz podcast. You can reach him at *protected email*