The Mysterious Moonbow Rock Bar

The Mysterious Moonbow Rock Bar

Was walking home and saw that the mysterious bar “Moonbow” was open for a change. I’ve walked by the place a few times before late at night but many other times the shutter was down. Last night I popped in and had a quick beer and chat with Urashima-san, the amazingly young-looking but 51-year old owner. The “Moonbow” is open in the afternoon for home-made curry lunches, then again from 10pm-12am (only two hours!) M-T. Fri and Sat he keeps the place open all night as long as there are customers.

Urashima-san is a huge rock fan and has an extensive collection behind the bar of CDs and DVDs, posters of Hendrix and The Stones covering the walls. I’m an old classic rock geek too so I loved the joint. I told Urashima-san I’d drop him an email and come back soon to have more of a chat, and was shocked when he said “Sorry I don’t have an email account.” Another regular customer there chimed in “He doesn’t have a cell phone, either!” Urashima-san is an old school rocker, works when he wants and just does his own thing. A great character!

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