OK Jazz Episode 49

OK Jazz Podcast

Stevie Wonder – ‘Too High’, album Innervisions (USA)

Foltin – ‘Donkey Hot’, album Donkey Hot (Macedonia)

Yotam Silberstein – ‘Milonga Gris’, album The Village (Israel/USA)

Charles Mingus – ‘Open Letter To Duke’, album Mingus Ah Um (USA)

Dengue Fever – ‘Mr. Orange’, album Venus On Earth (USA)

The Ethiopians – ‘Give Me Your Love’, album Train To Skaville (Jamaica)

Orchestra Baobab – ‘Gnawou’, album Bamba (Senegal)

Kalle Et L’African Jazz – ‘Parfiti’, album The Rough Guide To Congo Gold (Congo)

Docteur Nico & African Fiesta – ‘Mamu Wa Mpoy’, album The Rough Guide To Congo Gold (Congo)

Jose James – ‘4 Noble Truths’, album While You Were Sleeping (USA)

Christopher Hoffman – ‘Descenders’, album Silver Cord Quintet (USA)

Anyango – ‘Meditation of Motherland’, album Savanna (Japan)

Stevie Wonder – ‘He’s A Misstra Know It All’, album Innervisions

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Mr. OK Jazz is a 20+ year resident of Japan and spends all his free time wandering the Kanto area looking for jazz cafes, bars, clubs and record stores. For two years he hosted the OK Jazz radio show on InterFM Radio, currently the OK Jazz podcast. You can reach him at *protected email*