OK Jazz Episode 48

OK Jazz Podcast

Yusef Lateef – ‘Juba Juba’, album The Blue Yusef Lateef (USA)

Rotary Connection – ‘I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun’ (USA)

Fruko Y Sus Tesos – ‘Salsa Na Ma’, album Colombia! The Golden Age of Discos Fuentes, the Powerhouse of Colombian Music 1960-75 (Colombia)

Kekele – ‘Baninga’, album Rumba Congo (Congo)

Kebendo Jazz – ‘Soumba’, album Authenticite:The Syliphone Years 1965-1980 (Guinea)

Djelimady Tounkara & Habib Koite – ‘Forobona’, album Midnight in Mali (Mali)

Takumi Moriya – ‘In Time’, album Espoir (Japan)

Shift Z, featuring Hiba el Mansouri – ‘Ahwak’, album Golden Beirut – New Sounds From Lebanon (Lebanon)

Tesla Manaf – ‘The Sweetest Horn’, album Tesla Manaf (Indonesia)

Allen Toussaint – ‘Louie’, (USA)

Ebonvoid – ‘Towers Of The Damned’, album Ebonvoid (Japan)

Chizuru Fukuhara – ‘つるは飛ぶ一千光年の宙’, album Aya no Tsuzumi (Japan)

Silver Cord Quintet – ‘Epistle’, album Silver Cord Quintet (USA)

Roberta Flack – ‘Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye’, album First Take (USA)

Dhafer Youssef – ‘Diving In The Air’, album Diwan Of Beauty And Odd (Tunisia/USA)

John Coltrane Quartet – ‘Attaining’, album Sun Ship (USA)



  1. Damn, James! When and where did u pick up this taste (yes, ecl chic collection indeed!)? Keep up the good work, fight the good fight, and make time for a drink–well, drinks–and tunes with me, will ya?

    • Next time you’re down in ‘Hama for sure. The podcast getting a bit broader as it develops, this time next year may be ‘Sounds Of the Whales’ back to back with Sammy Davis Jr guitar solo outtakes..