Root Down

2-8-12 Kajicho, Chiyoda-Ku

Root Down moved down the street just 30 meters from it's original spot, it's now

Root Down is worthy of its funky name. (For those who don't know look up the song "Root Down" by Jimmy Smith.) It's a small bar opened about eight years ago by the friendly Yoshikawa-san. The place is dark but cozy with several thousand records and CDs, and two speakers that just..I don't have the technical audio vocabulary to describe how damn good these speakers sound.

Double extra points for the Shinto Shrine up on the wall between the awesome speakers, and the brass plaque next to the bar with a quote from Sam Cooke. Yoshikawa-san plays a lot of different styles of music but always with a groove. Check the website for a real-time update of what's being played. Root Down is dark and expensive so is best experienced late at night for an extended drinks session.  See pics of Root Down over at Tokyo Jazz Joints.


Station: JR Kanda, Ginza Line Kanda Station
Exit: East Exit
Distance from station: 2 minutes

Easy to find. Come out the East Exit at JR Kanda station, cross the street and walkpast Family Mart convienece store. Root Down is 2 mins away on the left side, past the Thai restaurant.

Date published
07/01/2011 - Updated Aug 2017