Fat Mama - CLOSED DEC 2016

5-16-17, Meguro Honcho, Meguro-Ku

Fat Mama is named after the great Herbie Hancock track from his album "Fat Albert Rotunda". Americans of a certain age (like myself) have very fond memories of the Bill Cosby hosted cartoon "Fat Albert" and the groovy tunes from Herbie Hancock featured on the show. Master Matsunuma-san at the Fat Mama cafe is a big fan and used the name for his new joint.

Opened in March 2011, Fat Mama is a gem. Matsunuma-san has 2500 vinyl records on site, mostly modern jazz of all genres. Stupendous speakers, gourmet coffee, spacious seating and a lunch menu make this spot a real good place to come for two or more hours of food, drink and jazz. Check it out. More pics of Fat Mama here at Tokyo Jazz Joints.

about 20

Station: Musashi Koyama - Tokyu Meguro Line
Exit: West Exit
Distance from station: 6-9

Date published
06/19/2012 Updated NOV 2016