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Tokyo Jazz Clubs

Jazz clubs in Tokyo are like bars..plentiful and multi-genre. Because you can hear live music at even the smallest of cafes in Japan, I classify a place as a "club" only if their main function is to put on live music. There will generally be a seating charge from ¥3000 upwards, with the option for food and drinks. Sizes vary but be prepared to have about 3 inches between tables and very little leg room..

A lot of clubs (and their twin-sister "live houses") feature the standard quartet or quintet, with weekly jam sessions. Be sure to check beforehand about the scheduled gig as many small clubs here feature "lite" or "latin" vocalists nightly..unless you adore "Smooth Jazz" (shudder..) then I recommend you stay away from those..Websites will generally give a description of the music and you can always call and ask if necessary.

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